Wireless Home Security Systems

Wireless Home Security SystemsWireless technology can be found in an incredible range of products today, so its presence in home security systems may come as little surprise. Although wireless home security systems are similar in many ways to the wired systems known by consumers, they can dramatically increase the safety and convenience that consumers enjoy. Recognizing the conventional and cutting-edge features of wireless home alarms can help consumers decide whether to go wireless.

How Are Wireless Systems Similar to Wired Ones?

Similarities between these options lie mainly in the components they can contain. For example, high-decibel sirens are combined with sensors, which are attached to doors and windows, to let consumers and neighbors know immediately if an intrusion occurs. Communication boxes that let consumers speak to alarm company staff in an emergency can also be found among wired as well as wireless systems. Home security cameras, lights and motion sensors are options in both cases.

How Are Wireless Systems Different?

Simply put, wireless home security systems lack the need for wiring that conventional alarms require. Within these systems, components communicate through the air. Transmissions sent to alarm company headquarters travel over cellular signals rather than through landlines. The use of cellular networks helps wireless systems stay afloat during emergencies as interruptions cannot be caused by wire-cutting criminals and are far less likely to result from storms.

What Services Can Make Wireless Alarms Even Better?

Among the latest alarm services, ADT Pulse is especially suited to use with wireless home security systems. This is because Pulse lets subscribers access and control their systems from any device anywhere over the Internet. Remotely arming, disarming and activating alarm systems, viewing live security camera feeds and even modifying climate control settings is possible this way.

Yet another important reason why wireless alarms have risen in popularity is their ability to be used in leased properties, where wiring modifications may not be allowed. Choosing wireless security also ensures that users can install, expand and move their components quickly at will. Area residents can schedule a free consultation with one of our technicians to learn more about our wireless home security systems and available options.