Home Security Systems

Home Security SystemsMany homeowners throughout the United States have installed home security systems in their properties as a way to guard their property and loved ones from intruders. With the ability to deter criminals and prevent successful burglaries, these systems can be an excellent investment. Modern alarm systems also are available with different components to suit unique security goals. A deeper look at the advantages and choices available will show why these systems are so popular.

Advantages of Alarm Systems

Alarm systems definitely serve subscribers each time they thwart a break-in, but these systems also reduce the chances that criminals will even target a home. Upon seeing signs and stickers announcing the fact that an alarm system is present, burglars may simply look for easier pickings. Home insurance is also frequently lower for properties protected this way. In a recent survey of the top 10 home insurers, discounts of up to 60 percent were found for homes equipped with alarm systems.

Alarm System Options

Door and window sensors, as well as high-decibel alarms are essential for home protection, but the latest home security systems can include plenty more features. Security cameras, motion detectors, motion-activated lights and remote access are available with the right system. Many homeowners are now choosing wireless alarms. With no worry about wires, homeowners do not require wiring work to be installed, and they can be moved or expanded quickly and easily.

Home Security Services

Monitoring services are now fairly standard with home security systems, but some features can improve their reliability. For example, two-way communication lets alarm company personnel verify the safety of subscribers during an emergency. Remote access by homeowners is possible through ADT Pulse, which connects homeowners to their alarm system from anywhere in the world through an Internet connection and computers or mobile devices. Not only can homeowners view security footage this way, but they can also control their heating and cooling systems with proper configuration.

No homeowner needs to live without a home alarm with today’s risks. Home security systems are available across a wide price range to suit different security goals and budgets, ensuring that every consumer can find the right type of protection. To learn more about ADT home security alarms and services, California residents can contact our alarm company and schedule a free consultation with a technician.