Home Security Services

Home Security ServicesHome security services combine with top-quality alarm system components to offer superior protection for residential properties. When ADT alarm systems are triggered by intrusions, residents can speak with security personnel and receive the help they need right away. Today, wireless systems can make this system even more reliable by preventing storms and wire cutters from interrupting service. Here is more about home security services from ADT and what they offer to subscribers.

How Residential Security Services Work

Properties that have ADT alarm systems transmit signals to headquarters when an intrusion occurs. Immediately, monitoring personnel ask residents through two-way wall speaker panels if they are okay and determine whether additional help is required. When necessary, local emergency services, such as police and fire rescue, are dispatched through an integrated system for minimal delay in assistance. These home alarm services remain online all day and all night, every day of the year, including holidays, so that residents can relax knowing they are constantly safe in their homes. Medical emergencies also benefit from the speed of this service.

How ADT Pulse Further Enhances Home Security

Pulse is among the latest home security services available for residential properties. Perfect for use with wireless alarm systems, ADT Pulse provides remote alarm system control to subscribers. As long as subscribers have access to Internet-connected mobile devices or desktop computers anywhere in the world, they can turn their alarm system on or off, watch video footage live or activate their siren. In homes with properly configured climate control technology, Pulse can even be used to adjust indoor home conditions from anywhere.

ADT offers dependable alarm components and home security services to ensure the highest degree of protection for properties it serves. Instead of having to manually contact the authorities in case of an emergency, area residents can count on having police, fire and medical professionals sent to their home quickly by ADT personnel who are always on duty. These features are available with both wired and wireless alarms, but wireless systems feature the additional benefits of ADT Pulse. Our technicians are available for consultations for area residents who want to find out more about why ADT is continually ranked at the top of home security companies nationwide.