Home Security Products

Home Security ProductsHome alarm systems are customizable to accommodate different properties. With wireless systems, homeowners can even expand their network of components with ease throughout ownership. Here is a look at the most popular home security products chosen by consumers today.

Door and Window Sensors

These sensors are attached to windows and doors and are activated when an intrusion occurs. Sensitivity and modes of activation vary, but jarring impacts, breakage and unauthorized opening all are common triggers. High-decibel siren sounding and contact with alarm company personnel may ensue depending on the alarm package being used.

High-Decibel Sirens

A siren mounted inside a property offers protection in multiple ways. As soon as it sounds, residents can seek safety and contact authorities or alarm company personnel. Intruders who hear the alarm may simply flee right away to avoid being caught. Finally, nearby neighbors who hear the alarm can also contact police and keep an eye out for intruders in the vicinity.

Security Cameras

Cameras are increasingly common home security products as prices have decreased and options have increased. Placed in obvious locations, cameras are excellent deterrents to intruders. By capturing photographic evidence, cameras can also aid in apprehension and prosecution of intruders. Modern cameras can not only save video but also be viewed live online with the right security package.

Motion Detectors and Lights

These home security products are frequently used together. As soon as motion detectors are activated, attached lights can turn on automatically to illuminate images captured by nearby cameras and also thwart intruders who are trying to hide.

Two-Way Communication Panels

Using two-way panels, homeowners can tell alarm company personnel that they are safe or require assistance if an alarm is triggered. This can save lives during intrusions, fires or other emergencies.

Wireless versions of these home security products are now commonly chosen to foster dependability in case of an emergency. Not reliant on landlines, wireless system communications cannot be stopped by storm damage or wire cutting. You can schedule a consultation with one of our technicians to learn more about the latest components included with popular home security alarms from ADT.