Home Security Equipment

Home Security EquipmentA wide range of home security equipment is available to address varying concerns among homeowners. While certain components are very common, others are more specific in their application. A deeper look at equipment from our home alarm company can help consumers prepare to select their own options.


Sirens are ubiquitous on lists of home security equipment. By notifying homeowners and their neighbors of an intrusion in progress, sirens can pave the way to safety for home occupants and, ideally, apprehension of the criminals.


Without sensors attached to windows and doors, sirens and two-way communication would be ineffective. After being armed, sensors will trigger the alarm system if forced entry occurs.

Communication Panels

Immediate communication with alarm company personnel through wall-mounted panels enhances home protection significantly. If alarm activation occurs, technicians will confirm that homeowners are safe and contact local authorities if necessary. This safeguard can also prevent unnecessary inconvenience in case of false alarm.

Motion Detectors

Equipped with infrared sensors, motion detectors can activate other home security equipment if movement is detected in a monitored area. These detectors are now commonly calibrated so that they react to people but not to small animals.

Security Cameras

While video monitoring was once reserved for commercial properties because of its high cost, it is now commonly used for home surveillance. Home security cameras can be placed indoors or outdoors to not only capture clear images of suspects but also deter would-be criminals from striking in the first place.


Darkness provides cover for criminals, so it must be addressed to reduce risks of nighttime intrusions. In many cases, lights are set up for activation by motion detectors, eliminating the need for homeowners to have lights turned on outside their windows overnight.

The types of home security equipment that are best for individual properties can vary, so homeowners should consult with an expert to create an effective plan for their residence. During this meeting, homeowners can address their concerns and determine how best to secure their property affordably. ADT components can be combined with monitoring services from our alarm company to ensure even more protection and peace of mind.