Home Security Devices

Home Security DevicesSecuring homes properly requires selecting the right devices for the job. Just as various security packages are available, an array of different components can be combined to secure different home sizes and layouts. Knowing what home security devices are available will prepare you to reliably protect your home against criminals.

Alarm Sirens

Sirens are ubiquitous among home alarm systems. If an intrusion attempt is interrupted by a high-decibel siren, the criminals involved are likely to stop what they are doing and leave. Of course, homeowners and nearby residents who hear the siren can also immediately respond to the threat by calling local law enforcement.

Alarm Sensors

Without sensors placed strategically at ports of entry in a home, sirens would be useless. Doors and windows are commonly protected this way so that any attempts at forced entry will trigger the alarm. This places sensors among the most essential home security devices used today.

Lights and Motion Sensors

Most people prefer darkness around their home at night, but this darkness is also preferred by criminals trying to hide. Lights boost security by eliminating the darkness, and connecting lights to motion sensors ensures that the darkness is only broken when necessary. With proper calibration of motion sensors, only humans will activate the motion sensors. This means that small animals will not cause undue alarm.

Security Cameras

These home security devices were once mainly found in commercial properties because of their cost, but more people are protecting their homes this way as prices have become more affordable. Cameras capture evidence by creating images that police and prosecutors can use to arrest and prosecute criminals. Furthermore, cameras can even prevent burglaries from happening in the first place by providing deterrence.

Today, consumers can even have two-way communication panels installed in their walls so that they can speak with alarm company representatives during emergencies. This adds another level of protection in case of not only home intrusions but also fires and medical crises. With wireless home security devices, even more security and flexibility is gained. You can schedule a consultation with our technicians to learn about your alarm options and find out why ADT is consistently ranked above other home security companies.