Home Security Camera Systems

Home Security Camera SystemsResidential alarms frequently include home security camera systems today. Offering the ability to deter criminals and record their images, cameras complement classic alarm system components well. In the past, some homeowners kept watch over their properties by placing webcams strategically. Today, a host of high-quality options designed just for home security are available through ADT. Consumers can choose from multiple wired and wireless cameras to capture evidence during home intrusions with help from our alarm company.

Why Use Security Cameras at Home?

Home security camera systems offer value in many ways. If an alarm system goes off, security camera footage can be used to immediately determine whether the alarm is false or requires a response. Placed outside of a home, cameras can help deter burglars and thereby stop a crime before it starts. Criminals that do strike can be recorded on camera for hard evidence supporting their capture and prosecution. Homeowners can also keep track of visitors using security cameras. For example, babysitters, repair persons and construction workers can be monitored while they are on the premises. Finally, parents are likely to appreciate the ability to watch over their children when they are home alone.

What Home Security Camera Options Are Available?

The cameras used in home security camera systems come in different versions. Color video is standard for daytime recording, but nighttime recording modes vary with models. For example, models that switch to black and white can create clearer pictures when light levels are low. Areas that have very low light can benefit from camera models with intensification built in. Finally, infrared cameras can film nighttime images even in the apparent absence of light.

Home security camera systems can also be used with wireless home alarms. With wireless cameras that record, video captures are stored on cloud servers in short segments when motion activation occurs. Consumers who want to store footage consistently and be able to access footage live may want to choose wired cameras. By scheduling a consultation with one of our technicians, area residents can learn more about our selection of security cameras and other home security products.