Home Security Alarms

A dependable security system is one of the best investments a modern homeowner can make. While home intrusion vulnerability is not always easy to detect, the protective effect of home security alarms is well known. The right combination of alarm components and services can discourage intruders from trying to break in, as well as aid in their capture when they do. As an authorized ADT dealer, American Home Alarms offers a full range of cutting-edge alarm systems to keep you, your family and your possessions safe.

What Does an ADT Alarm System Include?

ADT alarm system components vary from classic items to newer offerings. Among classic alarm parts, our company provides sensors that attach to windows and doors, as well as high-decibel alarms activated by those sensors. Stickers and signs, designed for placement on windows and in yards, announce to intruders that the property is under the protection of ADT. Further alarm enhancement can be achieved with motion detectors, motion-sensitive lights and security cameras. Wired alarms are available alongside wireless home security alarms, which sidestep possible problems that can be caused by storms and wire-cutting criminals.

How Do ADT Services Boost Protection?

Our home security alarms are even more impressive when standard and optional ADT services are considered. With 24-hour monitoring and response throughout every day of the year, our personnel verify the well-being of subscribers and help ensure that emergency responders will be dispatched right away if necessary. Also available is ADT Pulse, a new home-automation system. ADT Pulse can be accessed by subscribers through their Internet-connected mobile devices from anywhere in order to arm, disarm and activate the alarm system. Homeowners can also adjust climate control and other digital home features.

No one should have to live in fear of intruders entering their home. Unfortunately, the risk of this scenario is all too real in many places today. Home security alarms can help protect your home from criminals, so you can relax and enjoy your property in peace. An array of alarm systems is available and can be customized to better meet your needs. To learn more about our home alarms and services, you can contact American Home Alarms today and schedule a free consultation.